Handprint Hedgehog Craft for Kids

There are 17 different species of these adorable little guys.  I have always thought a hedgehog would make an awesome pet, my husband however does not agree.  The spines of a hedgehogs, are stiff hollow hairs & they are not poisonous.  They are hard to remove & only fall out once in a hedgehogs lifetime.  A process called “quilling”.  Your little one can make their own hedgehog using their handprints for their spines!

  • brown & blue card stock
  • paint brush
  • pencil and/0r black permanent marker
  • scissors
  • googly eye
  • brown paint
  • glue

Let’s get started…

1) Draw & cut out the body of the hedgehog.

2) Paint your child’s hand & help them press it to the paper.  Repeat once or twice.

3) Glue on eye.  Draw on the nose & feet.

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