Princess Belle Handprint Craft


Belle is a strong female lead.  She shows us that it’s okay to be smart, it’s okay to be different, & it’s okay to stand up for yourself.  She was different from the other Disney Princesses of her time.   The art director wanted her princess gown to show this difference as well.  He wanted her to be bold.  He convinced the studio the Gold dress would stand out among the other Disney Princess (who traditionally wore pink).  Well he succeeded.   Her dress has definitely always stood out to me.  Help your child make their very own with some card stock & their handprints:



  • Yellow & white card stock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Yellow & white paint
  • Glue
  • Yellow ribbon

Make your own Belle Princess Gown…

1. Cut out the top of Belle’s dress.  Glue onto the white card stock.

2. Paint your child’s hand with the yellow paint & press to the bottom of the dress.  Add some white to the paint & repeat on each side.

3. Add some ribbon to the middle of the dress.

In the beginning of blue Belle is shown to be the only person in her town to wear blue…this is to signify that she is different.

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