Ballerina Dress Handprint Craft

This is the first of 3 handprint crafts we did today.  It was a rainy day & the first day of summer vacation.  Keeping a 7 year old busy is exhausting but so much fun!

Ballet began about 500 years ago in Italy as a way to entertain the Royal Court.  Men were the only one’s allowed to dance ballet until 1681 when women were finally allowed to dance in public.  Below is a beauty Ballerina Dress to make your child’s mind fouette & pirouette:


  • Pink, light, grey & light color (your choice) card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Pink ribbon
  • Red & white paint

Make your own Ballerina Dress…

1. Draw & cut out the top of the Ballerina dress.

2. Mix the pink paint.  Coat hand & press onto the bottom of the dress.  Add more white & make 2 more handprints.

3. Cut a think strip of grey & glue onto the dress.  Attach the pink ribbon to that.

The Tutu made its first appearance in 1832 at the Paris Opera!!!

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