9 Beauty and the Beast Inspired Crafts

A tale as old as time……

Some people love the classic movie & for some the remake has claimed that title.  New or old…one thing is for sure:  Beauty and the Beast is an awesome movie!!!  There are so many fun characters in this movie.  Chip has always been my favorite.  And I’ve always wanted my very own enchanted flower (and a prince).  Below are directions for your very own enchanted flowers & crafts for your favorite characters.

1. DIY Beauty and the Beast Candle Holders– Mom’s Kitchen and Things

2. K-cup Craft: Chip From Beauty and the Beast– Artsy Momma

3. Beauty and the Beast Mirror– Joyfully Weary

4. DIY Beauty and the Beast Wreath– Women and Their Pretties

5. Princess Belle Handprint Craft– Mom’s Kitchen and Things

6. Disney Inspired Beaty and the Beast Footprint Craft– The Keeper of the Cheerios

7. DIY Beauty and the Beast Bookmarks– Youtube

8. DIY Flower Wands– Val Event Gal

9. Beauty and the Beast Cogsworth Clock Craft– The Inspiration Edit

So many wonderful ideas!!!

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