Flaming Handprint Craft For Kids

My family watches a ton of wildlife shows.  Recently we watched one that had a segment on flamingos.  My youngest daughter has been obsessed since.  Her favorite color is pink & she just can’t get over how they can stand on one leg for so long.  Needless to say she keeps trying to mimic the flamingo by standing on one leg for as long as she can.  So we decided to make this fun handprint craft of her new favorite animal.


You need:

  • Pink & light grey card stock
  • Black permanent marker
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Googly eye
  • Pink feathers
  • Ruler (if you are like me & can’t draw a straight line)

Now lets get started:

Start by tracing your child’s hand (the body) onto the pink card stock.  Next draw your flamingo’s legs (one bent) & neck/head.  Cut all of the pieces out.

Now you need to glue all of your flamingo pieces onto the grey card stock.

Now just glue on the googly eye & feathers.  Also color the tip of the nose black.

Did you know Flamingo’s are born grey or white?  It can take up to 3 years to reach their color (which can be pink, orange, or red).

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