DIY: Summertime Flip-flop Wreath

It’s summertime!!! My favorite time of year! Time to break out the sunglasses & flip flops.  Here is a simple DIY wreath to get your home (or at least your door) ready for the sunny season!!!


You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • 4 pairs kid sunglasses
  • 4 pairs kid flip-flops (small or medium)
  • Sticker letters
  • White paint (my letters were silver so I painted them)
  • Hot glue gun

Lets get started:

1. Paint letters if needed.

2. Glue 7 of the flip flops together.  You can glue a small rod to the back for more support.

3. Add your letters.

4. Glue the sunglass legs together & glue onto the top of the flip flops.

5. Finally glue about 2 feet of ribbon to the back & hang on your front door!

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