Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

I don’t know who was more excited for this party…me or my daughters.  We are a houseful of Harry Potter fans.  There is just so much to do with this party!  Including Butterbeer…who hasn’t wanted to try Butterbeer?  I hope you enjoy & throw your own Harry Potter Party!


Harry Potter Butterbeer

Taste just like it does at The Three Broomsticks!!! For those unfortunate souls with no signature to go to Hogsmeade!

Harry Potter Inspired Edible Wands & Golden Snitches

Perfect for casting a spell or winning the Quidditch Match for your team!!!  Plus they are filled with cookie dough!

Harry Potter Potions

We broke into Snape’s office just to make these potions for you!!! Is it luck you seek? Or maybe its obsession you desire?

Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters Cake

You better eat this Monster cake before it eats you!!!  Tasty but dangerous…Hagrid must have sent this one!

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