Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System Review


I have three children, my floors get pretty messy on a regular basis.  From dirt, to spilled drink, and other mystery spots I won’t even guess at.  The only way I have found to get all the dirt & grim off is to scrub on my hands & knees.  Lets face it…nobody wants to do that.  The Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System took care of every sticky stain on my floor & left it looking shiny & clean.

I tried the Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System on tile, hard wood, & laminate flooring.  It easily cleaned all three in a flash.  Removing all stains & marks.


Shark® Genius™ Hard Floor Cleaning System

  •    Shark’s smartest way ever to clean hard floors, improves the power of steam with All-In-One Custom Steam Cleaning and Sanitization* System.
  •     An evolution in hard floor care, the new system offers a flexible, tailored, all-in-one solution that delivers improved and easier cleaning than before.
  •    Cleans the dirt you can see and sanitizes* floors when and where you need it.
  •    MSRP: $99
  •   *Sanitization studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary. With Genius™ mop head only when used with steam mop. Not when using Steam Blaster™. See Owner’s Guide for instructions.


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Here are some more great features of this product:

The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System features next-generation advances like the Genius mop head with Touch-Free Technology, Dirt Grip pads, and Steam Blaster technology

The Genius Steam Mop sanitizes* sealed hard floors, when and where you need it

Direct Steam Channeling system delivers steam directly onto stains, for excellent hard floor cleaning

Get a long-lasting clean with the Shark Genius Hard Floor Steam Mop

Sanitizes floors, helps eliminate 99.9% of household bacteria

Touch-free button for attaching and detaching pads

Clean and sanitize* sealed hard floors with washable, dual-sided Dirt Grip™ pads

Touch-Free Technology: never touch a dirty pad again

3-setting Intelligent Steam Control

The Steam Blaster™ sanitizes as it cleans.  Steam Blaster™ gives a powerful burst of targeted steam & attacks tough, greasy, stuck-on messes.


Features 3-setting Intelligent Steam Control.  This allows you to customize the amount of steam you need for each job.

Also includes 2 washable Dirt Grip™ Pads.  The best part about the pads is you never have to touch the dirty ones!  The Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System has a touch free button that allows you to attach & unattach pads with ease!

What does touch-free mean?  No more wrestling with dirty pads!!!!

Before I received the Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System I hated moping my floor.  It just seemed like a hassle I didn’t want to mess with.  Now it’s a breeze to clean & sanitize my floors.

You can purchase your own Shark® Genius™ Steam Pocket® Mop System here for just $119.99!!

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